Can My Dentist Repair My Broken Dentures?

If you break your dentures, chances are you wonder if the dentist can repair them. After all, buying a new set of dentures isn’t cheap. The truth is, dentists can repair most broken dentures. However, some severe damage may be incapable of a repair and require replacement.

Most minor breaks and damage can be repaired by the dentist. If the dentures break in half or sustain serious damage, however, the dentist may be unable to make the repair. But, the only way to learn if your dentures can be repaired is to schedule a dentist appointment.

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How much will it cost to repair dentures if the dentist can make the repair? This all varies. The type of damage and the type or repair are the biggest factors affecting the price. Rest assured the cost is significantly lower than the cost of dentures replacement.

Furthermore, the costs of broken denture repair vallejo may be covered by your insurance plan. Talk to your agent or read over the policy to learn more. If insurance covers the costs, you have a tremendous amount of money.

Preventing denture damage is the best way to ensure you never require broken denture repair. Dentures are fragile and can easily break if they’re not handled with care. Always take dentures out in the bathroom over the sink.

Be sure to always handle dentures with care and caution, clean them daily, and be sure to soak them in a cleanser or water overnight. If you can prevent broken or damaged dentures, do so by all means.

Denture repair is available when it is needed, but take all precautions to prevent this from occurring. Dentists happily repair dentures if they are broken so you enjoy their benefits without interruption. However, prevention always serves your needs best!